Function of chromatin structure and dynamics in DNA damage, repair and misrepair: gamma-rays and protons in action

Publikace: APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES 83, 128-136 Autoři: Jezkova, L., Falk, M., Falkova, I., Davidkova, M., Bacikova, A., Stefancikova, L., Vachelova, J., Michaelidesova, A., Lukasova, E., Boreyko, A., Krasavin, E., Kozubek, S. Rok: 2014


According to their physical characteristics, protons and ion beams promise a revolution in cancer radiotherapy. Curing protocols however reflect rather the empirical knowledge than experimental data on DNA repair. This especially holds for the spatio-temporal organization of repair processes in the context of higher-order chromatin structure-the problematics addressed in this work. The consequences for the mechanism of chromosomal translocations are compared for gamma rays and proton beams. (C) 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.